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C2 - Common Elements

I can list the symbols for 24 common elements and when given the symbol, name the corresponding element

Elements are the basic building blocks of matter. You, the book or computer you are reading from, your school, and everything in the universe is made from about 100 types of atoms. The periodic table describes many of the properties of the different types of atoms.

The following chart lists 24 common elements. You should work to memorize the names and corresponding chemical symbols for elements on this list.
 Hydrogen    H
 Helium He
 Beryllium Be
 Carbon C
 Nitrogen N
 Oxygen O
 Fluorine F
 Neon Ne
 Sodium Na
 Magnesium Mg
 Aluminum Al
 Silicon Si
 Phosphorous P
 Sulfur S
 Chlorine Cl
 Potassium K
 Calcium Ca
 Nickel Ni
 Copper Cu
 Zinc Zn
 Silver Ag
 Gold Au